Haas team principal Guenther Steiner says the alteration to the 2019 Formula 1 technical rules could force a concept and programme change which he fears will hurt small teams compared to its manufacturer rivals.

Last week F1 held a vote on rule tweaks to be introduced for 2019, which was approved via an e-vote between teams, which will introduce simpler front wings and front brake ducts plus a wider and deeper rear wing. The rule changes have been made with the vision to help increase closer racing and provide more overtaking from next season.

Steiner has been the first F1 team boss to publicly voice his opinion against the rule changes as he fears it could cause a dramatic overhaul in the Haas design programme for 2019 having initially lined up an “evolution for next year” having found significant performance jumps with this year’s car the VF-18.

“Now that they’re throwing in this new aero regulation for 2019, we maybe need to change our plan,” Steiner said. “Those decisions will be made in the next week.

“The original plan was to develop this car better, because it could be an evolution for next year. At the moment, I still have to speak to the guys back in Italy to see how we do best. We haven’t had time to talk it through yet and see how we do it best.

“For small teams like us, it is not an advantage to get a new technical regulation for next year so late. We will do our best, but it will not be easy.”             

F1’s managing director for motorsports Ross Brawn has welcomed the decision from the vote to introduce the 2019 changes with the firm belief the aerodynamic tweaks will help encourage more overtaking.

“The decision to approve a number of aerodynamic modifications, aimed at promoting closer racing and more overtaking for the 2019 season is definitely an important step,” Brawn said. “It’s also important to note that the decision has been taken after an intense period of research into the FIA’s proposals, which were made with the support of Formula 1 and, conducted by a majority of the teams.

“A good spirit, a good way of working together for a better and more spectacular Formula 1, which is what the FIA, Formula 1, the Teams, and most importantly, the fans want.”