Formula 1 race director Charlie Whiting says the Friday drivers’ briefings are starting to not hold “any value” as drivers continue to inform him of any issues directly which could trigger a shake-up to the meetings.

With F1 drivers frequently heard over team radio flagging up issues or complaints about the track or fellow drivers, which are directed to Whiting, the FIA race director feels Friday drivers’ briefings are starting to become redundant with all concerns largely resolved before the meeting held after the second free practice session.

Whiting is also growing frustrated that key messages from meetings with team managers are not being instructed to the drivers which he feels heightens the need to revise the FIA meeting schedules.

“One of the main reasons for having the drivers’ briefing on a Friday after the first day of running was so that they could tell us what they may have seen, someone doing this, a marshal doing this on the track,” Whiting said. “It really isn’t of any value, because whenever they see anything, they tell us anyway.

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“There’s a far better communication system now. I just think it would make a lot of sense and it would save a lot of hassle really.

“We discuss things in the team manager meeting on the basis that they will pass it on to the drivers, and when we have the drivers’ meetings, it’s quite evident this hasn’t happened. So, we have to go through it all again.”

Last year F1 owners Liberty Media had began to release videos from the Friday drivers’ meetings, giving a unique insight and providing a new light on the drivers, but so far in 2018 no new videos have been shown which is thought to be at the drivers’ requests to keep discussions private.