Lewis Hamilton says he ‘excited for the challenge’ of revamping his training for next season ahead of the 2019 Formula 1 rule changes on minimum driver weight.

Under current F1 rules a driver’s weight is combined with the car to reach the minimum weight which effectively gives lighter drivers an advantage to use any ballast to help set-up and balance.

But from next season F1 driver’s weights will be measured separately to the cars with the minimum driver weight expected to be set at 80kg.

As a result, all drivers will in effect have an equal weight with any ballast used to be placed around the driver’s seat to reduce the impact of using the weight to optimise car balance.



Hamilton, who is 66kg, is thought to be in the lower half of the driver weights on the current F1 grid and with the 2019 rule change he is aiming to add on mass with no fear of being penalised.

“My comfortable weight is a little bit higher than I am and every year all the drivers, especially the taller and bigger boned ones are under more pressure to get skinnier,” Hamilton said. “Next year the rules are changing which I think is cool.

“I’m excited as I can go and increase my intake and be a little bit heavier next year and be a lot stronger but I still want to be quick and sharp and responsive. Often big and bulky doesn’t mean you are quicker. Also weight up above means a higher centre of gravity which I don’t want to increase.

“Next year I am excited for the challenge next season changing my training programme into next year when I should be a different athlete.”

Hamilton has frequently posted on his Instagram account about his healthy living, having taken on a vegan lifestyle over the past couple of years, but admits he is trying to be more open on his ‘insecurities’ about his body.

“On social media I guess the problem is that we all see people in the limelight looking a certain way because they’ve got filters on or whatever it is,” he said. “You don’t actually get a true representation of what the person is.

“I wake up sometimes and have my insecurities. I have a six pack but it is not as good as I would like. There are certain things that I have insecurities about like I am sure every single person has. As do all those people that are on social media who look perfect and you may aspire to be like. They also have insecurities.

“I guess I was trying to be a bit more open about an insecurity I may have. My legs aren’t an insecurity. My dad has chicken legs and I have chicken legs.”


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