Max Verstappen looks likely to take a grid penalty for the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi at the end of the month following a recurring engine issue through the Singapore race weekend.

Red Bull opted to take Renault's new C-spec engine at Monza despite the French manufacturer not using it for its own works team due to concerns about its reliability.

Singapore #1

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Verstappen was left fuming about his engine throughout practice and qualifying in Singapore, saying he was "shaking with anger" due to a problem with engine braking, with a cut out on his final Q3 lap denying him a chance to score pole position.

Verstappen survived two scares in the race - one behind the Safety Car, when his car almost stopped; the second when exiting his pit box when the car almost stalled - to finish second in Singapore, marking his best result for two months.

However, Red Bull F1 chief Christian Horner confirmed to reporters after the race that Verstappen will need to change the engine due to the issue in Singapore, triggering a grid penalty.

"We accepted the risks when we took this engine. It has delivered a bit more power and it has been a bit rough around the edges," Horner said.

"But with the increase in power from it that helped get on to the front row yesterday and helped to achieve a second position today."

Asked if Verstappen would take the penalty in Sochi, Horner said: "We need to look at it, but the likelihood is probably Sochi being an obvious place."

Horner was full of praise for Verstappen's race in Singapore after the Dutchman managed to recover second place from Sebastian Vettel in the pit stops after losing the position on the opening lap, before then coming close at one stage to passing Lewis Hamilton for the lead as they were held up by traffic.

"I think since Montreal, he has driven extremely well, and again it was another very mature performance by Max," Horner said.

"He fought hard to keep Sebastian off and then he fought hard to attack in on the pit exit. The only moment of excitement was when they came across the backmarkers, with [Romain] Grosjean and [Sergey] Sirotkin having their own battle.

"He got pretty close to launching one up the inside, but that was about as close as he got today."



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