Kevin Magnussen is facing exclusion from Sunday's United States Grand Prix after it was found that the Haas Formula 1 driver exceeded the permitted fuel limit for the race at the Circuit of The Americas.

Magnussen rose from 12th on the grid to pick up two points for finishing ninth at COTA on Sunday, acting as Haas' only points scorer after teammate Romain Grosjean retired early on following a clash on the opening lap of the race.

However, Magnussen is now facing exclusion from the race after F1 technical Jo Bauer confirmed his Haas car had consumed more than the permitted amount of fuel during the race on Sunday.

Driver Ratings - United States GP

"Car 20, driver Kevin Magnussen, consumed more than 105kg of fuel, from the time at which the signal to start the race was given to the time the car had crossed the Line after the end-of-race signal had been given," a post-race bulletin reads.

"As this is not in compliance with Article 30.5 of the 2018 Formula One Sporting regulations, I am referring this matter to the stewards for their consideration."

The F1 sporting regulations read: "Cars may use no more than 105kg of fuel in each race (with the power unit regulations stipulating that fuel flow must not exceed 100kg/hour).

"Drivers exceeding the fuel limit during a race will be immediately excluded from the race results."

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