Mercedes Formula 1 boss Toto Wolff believes Lewis Hamilton is driving better than ever before in 2018 after he won this year’s world championship with two races to spare.

Hamilton wrapped up his fifth world title and his fourth with the Mercedes team at the Mexican Grand Prix, having pulled off what has arguably been his strongest season to date in F1.

When asked if he felt Hamilton was now at his best, Wolff replied: “Yes, this is the best Lewis Hamilton I've seen in the last six years.

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"He’s has driven better, he’s been better out of the car. Very, very complete. But as we try to reach for more it’s never completely complete.

"We had times when the car was good enough to win and times when the car was not good enough to win, and he was very stable.

"His racecraft is great and that is always one of his strengths - this year that was definitely one of the key factors.

“We all do mistakes. Small ones. [But] he didn't.”

The Briton’s latest title triumph moved him level with former Mercedes driver Juan Manuel Fangio in second place on the list of most championship wins, behind only Michael Schumacher.

Wolff reckons Hamilton is far from done yet and has displayed the qualities required to go on and beat Schumacher’s records.

"You know whilst you are in a career, you never get to acknowledge greatness," he said. "You get to acknowledge when a career is over.

"We need to somehow realise that there is a five-time world champion who has just equalled Fangio's record. There is not many among them out there.

“I have never met Mr. Fangio. Just read [about him]. I think that his ability of combining talent with hardwork, intellect and emotional intelligence.

“All great champions have all four of them. If one is missing, you can still be a successful racing driver but you’re never going to achieve this greatness.

"As long as he’s in a good car and continues enjoying what he does today, there is more to come,” Wolff added.

"But the reason he’s won the fifth championship, is that he concentrates on the job in hand, and not look too far away.

"Before reaching seven, there is a sixth to win and we haven't scored a single point for that one.

"As long as we provide a car that is competitive and can win championship and he continues to drive like he does, this can be a relationship forever."