Max Verstappen has been ordered to complete two days of public service for the FIA as punishment for his physical confrontation with Formula 1 rival Esteban Ocon in the aftermath of Sunday's Brazilian Grand Prix.

Verstappen confronted Ocon after the race at Interlagos following a clash between the two drivers that cost Verstappen a potential victory for Red Bull.

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Ocon tried to unlap himself and pass race leader Verstappen at Turn 2 with 27 laps to go, only to cause a collision and send both drivers into a spin.

Verstappen lost the lead and ultimately finished the race second, resulting in his confrontation with Ocon. Ocon said he feared Verstappen would punch him, while the Red Bull driver said he felt "nothing happened."

The stewards called for both Ocon and Verstappen over the incident, with the pair being spotted shaking hands in the paddock soon after the meeting.

In a bulletin issued by the stewards after the race, it was confirmed that Verstappen would have to complete two days of public service for the FIA as a result of the incident.

"Max Verstappen entered the FIA Weigh Bridge Garage, proceded directly to Driver Esteban Ocon and following a few words, started an altercation, pushing or hitting Ocon forcefully several times in the chest," the bulletin reads.

"The Stewards held a hearing, in which both drivers acted appropriately and cooperated with the Stewards. The Stewards understood from Max Verstappen that he was extremely upset by the incident on track during the race and accepted his explanation that it was not his original intent to strike Ocon, but that he was 'triggered' and caused him to lose his temper.

"While sympathetic to Verstappen’s passion, the Stewards determined that it is the obligation of sportsmen at this level to act appropriately and as role models to other drivers at all levels and found that Verstappen failed in this respect.

"The Stewards therefore ordered that Max Verstappen is required to perform two (2) days of public service at the direction of the FIA within six months of the incident. (Penalty under Art. 12.3.1.c of the FIA International Sporting Code.)"

The penalty is similar to that handed to Sebastian Vettel following his clash with Lewis Hamilton under the Safety Car in Baku last year. Vettel completed his service by taking part in an FIA seminar on stewarding.