Nico Hulkenberg and Antonio Giovinazzi have avoided punishment for their clash during the opening practice session for the 2019 Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix. 

The pair collided in the closing stages of FP1 after Alfa Romeo driver Giovinazzi attempted to pass Hulkenberg’s Renault at Turn 5, with both drivers making contact. 

The incident was investigated with both drivers summoned to the Bahrain GP stewards but following a review no further action was taken. 

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“The stewards reviewed video evidence and heard from the driver of car 27 (Nico Hulkenberg) and the driver of car 99 (Antonio Giovinazzi) and the team representatives,” an FIA statement read. 

“Neither car was on a push lap, car 27 had just let car 7 pass, and believed car 99 was going slow. Car 99 then sped up and passed car 27 on the inside when the driver of car 27 was not expecting it to do so, remaining on the racing line. 

“The Stewards believe that this was a misunderstanding by the driver of car 27 and a presumption by the driver of car 99.”