Fernando Alonso says he has no plans to make a full-time Formula 1 return despite his comeback test with McLaren in Bahrain

The two-time world champion will get behind the wheel of McLaren’s 2019 challenger during the post-Bahrain Grand Prix test next week to conduct tyre testing for Pirelli. 

Having called time on his grand prix racing career at the end of 2018 to focus on other challenges, including his attempts to win the Indy500 and complete the triple crown of motorsport, Alonso will now drive the MCL34 for the first time in his new role as a McLaren ambassador. 

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“Honestly [I’m] not missing [F1] too much at the moment as I’ve been very busy,” Alonso insisted. 

“Maybe if I was relaxing at home maybe it was different but have been testing and preparing different things so, not much time to miss anything. 

“As I said last year, and in Barcelona as well, my idea is not to come back. When I said bye bye last year, it was because this chapter is already complete and I achieved in F1 a lot more than what I dreamt of. 

“I had great opportunities outside F1 to do things that are unprecedented, so that is why I took the decision. Coming back is not in the plan but if something happened and a great opportunity arrived, I would consider. 

“I don’t close doors 100 percent to anything in the future.”

Alonso said the opportunity had come about due to Pirelli’s involvement allowing McLaren to run a second car and therefore not impact on seat time for race drivers Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz

“It was this opportunity with a Pirelli test to have a second car, and we talked to the team in winter testing as well if there was any point or any benefit to the team if I was testing the car at one point during the season,” he explained. 

“I think the team decided this was the best moment and not taking time from the race drivers to develop the car. 

“It’s more about testing the tyres and maybe have a little bit of an idea of what the car is doing this year and being involved a little bit from last year in the development in the car is useful for the team so I hope it’s a productive test.

“Whatever my contribution can help the team I’m happy to do it,” Alonso added. 

"I will be in the car on Tuesday and Wednesday but I will be here from now until Sunday hopefully giving some inputs if I see something in the race, if I see something on the set-up, if I heard something on the radio that I can understand differently compared to how an engineer can understand from the drivers. 

“Maybe it’s not only testing - whatever help I can give 360 degrees I will be happy.” 

Alonso will get a full day of running on Tuesday before splitting driving duties on Wednesday with fellow Spaniard Sainz, who will take part in the morning session for Pirelli. 

McLaren sporting director Gil de Ferran, said: “An opportunity came up for Fernando to do a test this early in the year. 

“Fernando had obviously been driving the McLaren car for quite a few years now, so having his feedback on how this year’s car is is nothing but beneficial for the team.”