Christian Horner says Red Bull’s car development will be “all about evolution” during the remainder of the 2019 Formula 1 season.

The Milton Keynes squad has made solid power unit progress since joining forces with Honda but is still targeting gains with its chassis development, having struggled to get on top of the new aerodynamic regulations introduced for this season.

Red Bull sits 34 points behind Ferrari in third place in the constructors’ standings, with Max Verstappen scoring two podiums from the opening five rounds on his way to holding third in the drivers’ championship.

The latest podium appearance came at the Spanish Grand Prix, where Red Bull out-performed Ferrari after bringing a “subtle” upgrade package to Barcelona, though Horner concedes the team is yet to get the “optimum” out of its RB15.

“I think it’s all about evolution,” Horner explained when questioned about Red Bull’s development approach.

“I think Honda are making good progress, reliability compared to previous years has been fantastic and performance is strong, but of course the others don’t stand still either.

“Ferrari introduced another engine, Renault introduced another upgrade, Mercedes no doubt around Montreal will introduce another engine, so of course your opponents don’t stand still but we are very happy with the progress that’s being made.

“I think we are not at our optimum yet in terms of where we would like to be with these new regulations and construction of tyre,” he added. “But I think Spain was a step forward and hopefully more will follow.”

Asked if the decision philosophy of Red Bull’s 2019 car was hurt more by tyres or the front wing, Horner replied: “I think probably a combination of the two.

“Obviously there’s what something like 25 percent less rubber on these tyres and they are stiffer, we were very good on the tyres at the end of last year.

“I think the concept of aerodynamics that we’ve evolved over the last year’s was very sensitive to the front wing, so obviously we’re having to re-balance that and re-focus.

“Considering where we were at the pre-season tests eight or nine weeks ago, to have closed that gap and put that performance on the car is really encouraging and obviously now we have to try and focus on diminishing the gap further to Mercedes.”



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