Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto says there would be no argument over Formula 1 rules if Sebastian Vettel hadn’t been penalised during the Canadian Grand Prix and duly lost the race to Lewis Hamilton.

With Ferrari launching an intention to appeal against Vettel’s five-second time penalty on Sunday evening after the race, the Italian team has 96 hours to put forward new evidence to formalise an appeal to the FIA International Court of Appeal.

Speaking after the race, Ferrari chief Binotto believes any opinion on the incident will count for little following the FIA race stewards call but says the fury from both fans and throughout the F1 paddock wouldn’t have been seen if the decision went the opposite way.

“I think if there would have been no wrong decision today, we wouldn’t have argued it,” Binotto said.

“Obviously it is not down to us to decide as there are people there to decide which counts as their decision but certainly we are not happy and disagree. Sebastian had no intention to what he did, he was still ahead and tried to keep his position on track. It is as simple as that.

“We disagree with the decision, no doubt, but all of us have our own opinion. The crowd had a clear opinion today, not only the crowd but whoever you may ask.”

Binotto also reasoned similar incidents of F1 drivers keeping positions despite going off track in front of rivals have not been met with time penalties and feels Vettel has been unfairly treated as a result.

“We are really disappointed with what happened,” he said. “I think there has been really similar situations in the past which have not been judged as today. Overall I don’t think it has been the right decision, but it doesn’t matter.”

Vettel was handed his penalty for going off track on Lap 48 at Turn 4 while defending his lead from Hamilton. The Ferrari driver went across the grass before returning to the track and blocking the Mercedes driver to duly retain the lead of the race.

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff took sympathy on Vettel over his penalty and understood his post-race reaction.



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