Mercedes boss Toto Wolff believes the 2021 Formula 1 rules are “not rocket science” and insists the finer details now need to be analysed to protect the strengths and improve on the weaknesses of the sport.

Following an underwhelming French Grand Prix which was hit by a backlash from fans, attention turned to F1’s future and the 2021 rules shake-up in the hope of improving the sport for all parties.

The current F1 regulations changes, stretching from technical regulations to revenue distribution, are being worked on after receiving an extended deadline of October having missed the initial June target.

Mercedes boss Wolff, who has overseen a dominant start to the season with his team winning every race so far in 2019 and taking 1-2 in six out of eight rounds, feels the 2021 changes are at a fine-tuning stage and is certain the sport will be on top of the tweaks it needs to improve the spectacle following a low-key French round.

“I think we all know we have to emphasise what needs to change. It doesn’t need a baseball bat, but it needs a Stanley knife,” Wolff said. “We need to analyse strengths, where we have a good show and not and why that is the case and make the overtaking a little bit easier, work with our tyre partner and define a tyre specification that works for the sport. Pirelli for sure will deliver that.

“For me it’s not rocket science, it just needs the right steps now in order to make it happen for 2021.”

Despite concerns over the delays in the 2021 changes, Wolff remains confident the current situation over the shake-up remains in a good place with the ongoing meetings between F1 teams, the FIA and Formula 1 management.

“I think we have started in a really good way,” he said. “We had a big meeting with all the team principals and technical directors, drivers, the FIA and FOM and it was productive. I must really say that Jean [Todt] and Nicholas [Tombazis] have structured the meeting and chaired the meeting in a really productive way that makes me optimistic that we can find some tweaks to the rules that provide us with a better showing for 2021.”



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