Pierre Gasly insists he is not concerned about his future at Red Bull amid a difficult start to the 2019 Formula 1 season.

The Frenchman has endured a tough start to life at Red Bull following his winter graduation from Toro Rosso and sits sixth in the championship, 63 points behind teammate Max Verstappen, who is fourth.

Gasly has not finished higher than fifth so far this campaign and has been unable to get close to Verstappen in qualifying, while the Dutchman has scored two podiums and is yet to finish lower than fifth.

Asked if he is worried about his future given Red Bull’s previously ruthless nature, Gasly replied: “No not really I think at the moment no one is happy and I’m the first one not happy at the performance.

“I’m a racing driver, I feel we are far from the potential we have and that’s not pleasant and no one is happy.

“At the moment the focus is just on putting everything together, and it’s the same on my side, there are things I can do better as well but we are clearly not showing the potential. I think that’s the main thing to focus on.

“In the end you always learn from these kind of difficult situations, whether it’s about yourself or racing challenges, I think it always makes you come out of the other end stronger,” he added.

“That’s the way I look at it. For sure things are not going exactly how I want but I’m pretty confident it will make me a more complete driver once we go through that phase.”

Gasly said a combination of struggles with adapting to Red Bull’s RB15 has resulting in him performing at only “97 percent” so far this season.

“I think the main the main thing at the moment is when you fight at that level up against the best driver in the world with the best cars in the world you need to have everything at 105 percent,” he explained.

“You cannot leave one or two percent on the table, everything needs to be perfect and even when it’s perfect sometimes it’s not good enough to be right at the top.

“At the moment I just feel there are many areas where we could do better, where I could be better as well, we are probably at 97 percent but for sure at that level it straight away makes a difference.

“We know where we can improve and we are taking actions to make it better. We are all working towards the same goal and direction to improve things.

“Is it going to pay off this weekend or in two or three weekends? I don’t know. But we want to perform as fast as possible – that will be good for everyone.

“It’s not as much the result but more the feeling after the race weekend that you have done everything possible to get the best result possible with the car you have, and at the moment I didn’t have that feeling so of course I’m not satisfied and that’s what we are trying to improve.”



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