Red Bull boss Christian Horner feels there are currently too many rules in Formula 1 after Max Verstappen’s race-winning move at the Austrian Grand Prix was investigated.

Having charged through the order after the anti-stall kicked in on his Red Bull car at the start, Verstappen clashed with long-time race leader Charles Leclerc as he grabbed the lead with a bold lunge at Turn 3 in the closing stages.

The pair banged wheels at the apex of the corner which forced Leclerc off-track and while the incident was initially investigated, the stewards ultimately decided to take no further action.

Prior to the call, Verstappen had said F1 drivers might as well stay at home if the move was penalised.

“It is clear in the rules from what I have seen, at that point, he [Verstappen] is ahead, it’s his corner,” Horner said.

“If you take that to an extreme, we saw cars going off and coming back on, every single move would be penalised. What would be the point of trying to overtake?

“I think we’re over-regulated anyway, but I think the right decision was made, but we’re happy with that. Are there too many rules in F1? Yes.

The Spielberg stewards’ verdict did not arrive until three hours after the chequered flag had fallen.

Asked why he thought the decision took so long, Horner replied: “I don’t know, I guess they have to look at all the details, they listen to the drivers, they have to deliberate it, look at previous judgements, etc.

“They came to the conclusion of no further action, I think that was the right decision.”

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