Haas Formula 1 chief Gunther Steiner is planning to take a firmer approach to team orders following the latest clash between drivers Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean at the German Grand Prix.

Magnussen and Grosjean were given a stern warning after contact between their cars on the opening lap at Silverstone caused both to retire from the race, only to then come to blows once again at Hockenheim.

The two Haas drivers touched wheels when battling in the closing stages of the race as Magnussen tried to pass Grosjean at the hairpin, prompting angry responses from both via team radio. Grosjean would go on to finish seventh ahead of Magnussen in P8.

Speaking on Thursday, Steiner confirmed he would be talking to Grosjean and Magnussen later today to discuss a firmer approach to stop them clashing on-track.

“I’m going to sit down with them today. Let’s see what comes out of it, how they see it, and what we need to do to go forward in the future,” Steiner said.

“Maybe it ends up that we tell them what to do, decide who is doing what when they are close to each other. When they are close to each other, I think we need to take it out of their control who is doing what.

“I think I have to [be firmer]. It’s the only solution, to be firm with them, and tell them what to do, and when they get close to each other, go from there.”

Steiner said the disappointment of the clash at Hockenheim was softened as it did not cost the team any points or cause a retirement as it did at Silverstone, but stressed he needed to get “proper control” of the situation.

“After Hockenheim, it’s not disappointment. At that stage, you are actually happy that nothing happened like it happened at Silverstone, because it could have happened the same again where they both damage the car, and then don’t take points home,” Steiner said.

“So I say enough and think about it and then do something, because if I go in like Silverstone and get the same type of upset with them, that’s not constructive.

“I need to come up with something better that we get proper control of it and move forward from there, because it is not acceptable towards the team.

“The team is again suffering from if you keep on doing this.”