Antonio Giovinazzi will drop three positions for Formula 1’s 2019 Hungarian Grand Prix after receiving a penalty for impeding Lance Stroll during qualifying.

The Alfa Romeo driver was on a slow lap when Stroll encountered the Italian at Turn 5 in the closing stages of Q1. Stroll’s lap was impeded and he ultimately was unable to progress beyond the opening segment of qualifying.

Giovinazzi, who made it through to Q2 and set the 14th-fastest laptime, will drop three places to start Sunday’s race from 17th on the grid after the Hungarian GP stewards concluded he had hampered Stroll’s lap.

“The Stewards reviewed video, audio, GPS and telemetry evidence and heard from the driver of car 99 (Antonio Giovinazzi) and the driver of car 18 (Lance Stroll) and the team representatives," an FIA stewards notice read.

"Notwithstanding the fact that the team incorrectly informed the driver of car 99 that he was “in phase” with car 18, when in fact car 18 was on a push lap, it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that on an in lap, he makes all reasonable endeavours to watch for following cars that are on a push lap and to ensure they are not impeded.

"It was noted that car 99 was shown a blue flashing light halfway between turns 3 and 4. Telemetry and GPS data confirmed that car 18 lost considerable time through the section of track involved.

"The Stewards believe the driver of car 99 could, and should, have moved from the racing line prior to Turn 4. Accordingly, the driver unnecessarily impeded car 18."



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