Nico Hulkenberg has been cleared off any penalties for allegedly going off track unnecessarily during Q3 at the Italian Grand Prix, but the Renault driver is under a fresh investigation for allegedly driving too slowly during qualifying.

The German driver was initially under threat of a penalty from the FIA Stewards after missing the first corner chicane and going off track at the start of the Q3 farce which saw drivers driving slowly in the hunt of a tow from a rival for the final timed lap runs.

But Hulkenberg has been spared following the FIA investigation which found the Renault driver was focussing on the cars behind him which meant he missed the corner, while he was also in third gear rather than second gear for the first corner like his previous out lap.

“The Stewards note that the regulation refers to “deliberately” leaving the track and in this case we are unable to determine that the driver deliberately left the track,” the FIA statement confirmed.

But Hulkenberg could still face a penalty for driving unnecessarily slowly during his out lap which triggered the backing up of the drivers in Q3 and resulted in the majority missing out on their final run before the chequered flag was shown at the start/finish line.

Racing Point’s Lance Stroll and McLaren’s Carlos Sainz have been requested to attend the hearing over Hulkenberg’s case as both drivers were the next on the circuit directly behind Hulkenberg at the time of the incident.

Hulkenberg qualified in sixth place for the Italian Grand Prix.