Ferrari Formula 1 chief Mattia Binotto felt was pleased with the outcome of talks with drivers Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc in the fall-out of the team orders controversy at the Russian Grand Prix – but said there could be no guarantee of a repeat in the future.

Ferrari tripped over itself in Sochi after a start plan to jump Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton led to an incident where Vettel ignored the team’s call to give up his position to Leclerc as planned.

Both Vettel and Leclerc said the incident had been overplayed and that they wished to move on, having spent time at Ferrari’s factory ahead of this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix to discuss the incident with Binotto.

Binotto explained in Friday’s FIA press conference that he felt the talks were necessary, but was pleased with their outcome.

“I think we had positive, constructive, honest, fair, transparent discussions with both of them [as] individuals,” Binotto said.

“I think what happened in Sochi [was] nothing really bad, but certainly something that needs to be improved and addressed, and I think it’s only an opportunity of lesson learned and trying to do better in the future.”

But Binotto said he could not be certain there would be no repeat of the incident in the future due to the high level of performance to which both Vettel and Leclerc operate.

“But how much I am confident it will not happen? I’m not at all,” Binotto said.

“I think these are both very good drivers. They are all going for a single objective, which is winning themselves.

“But I think what again is more important is that at least we between us we’ve got clarity and fairness, and I think that’s key.”