Circuit Zandvoort has released an update of the latest progress being made ahead of this year’s Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix.

The Dutch Grand Prix is returning to the F1 calendar after a 35-year absence from the Netherlands, with major renovation work currently being carried out at Zandvoort ahead of the race on May 3.

Among updated safety features including the installation of new catch fencing and run-off areas and gravel traps, the main alterations are being made at Turn 3, Turns 12/13 and the re-profiling of the final corner.

Progressive banking will be featured at both Turn 3 and the sweeping Arie Luyendyk Curve - the final corner on the circuit - which will be angled at 32 percent, which is the equivalent of 18 degrees.

The Hugenholtzboch Turn 3 will be banked at 33 percent and include a new gravel trap and run-off area on the outside of the corner.

In the last few weeks alone work has been done to instal new curbstones and laying of new asphalt, while an escape road will be present at the Mastersbocht (Turn 8). A similar escape road will be featured at the Hans Ernst-bocht (Turns 11 and 12).

Significant progress has also been made to the new pit and paddock complex, which is nearing the next construction phase of its expansion.

Zandvoort has also confirmed the construction of a new medical centre has been completed.

Contrary to recent reports that the revised Zandvoort circuit would withhold data from teams in a bid to create more unpredictability to the race weekend, Jarno Zaffeli, owner of the Dromo architects responsible for the work at Zandvoort, told RaceFans this is not the case



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