Williams Formula 1 deputy team principal Claire Williams says following Racing Point’s model for its 2020 car is an approach that “wouldn’t have worked for us”. 

Racing Point caused a stir in the Barcelona paddock amongst its rivals during testing when it debuted its RP20 challenger - which closely resembles Mercedes’ title-winning W10 car - having attempted to copy the same aerodynamic philosophy the German manufacturer pioneered in 2019.

Despite being a fellow Mercedes engine customer, Williams opted to continue with its traditional approach of manufacturing its own car parts and not following the design path of other teams.

“I wouldn’t criticise another team’s way in which they go racing as long as its within regulations, which it is, and it is their decision in how they want to bring a car to racing,” Williams said.

“We’re very proud of the fact we are an independent constructor and we manufacture our car ourselves and it’s not a model that we’re looking to change at the moment. 

“If it works for them this year, the last year prior to a new regulation change, great, but it wouldn’t have worked for us and that’s why we’re continuing on the road we are.”

While Williams admitted she is much happier with the situation her side finds itself in on the eve of the new season, she insisted the Grove-based outfit will not get ahead of itself with the targets it sets for 2020.

“I’m feeling a lot happier, probably inevitably,” she added.

“That’s not going to come as a surprise to anyone, things at Williams have definitely taken steps forward but that’s been off the back of a lot of hard work that everybody in the team has done over the last 12 months to ensure that’s been the case. 

“But we know we’ve still got a lot of hard work to do if we are to achieve our ultimate goals and that’s to get Williams back to where we want to see it and that’s podiums and races, but that in reality is a way off. 

“This year the target is to make clear progress. I think just coming to testing and having achieved what we’ve done here in these last six days demonstrates that, but we’ve got to get to Melbourne to see where we truly are.” 



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