Can you name all top 20 winners across F1 history?

In’s third F1 quiz during the postponement caused to the 2020 season amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, see if you can name each of the top 20 drivers who have notched up the most wins throughout the championship’s history.

As clues, there is the number of wins to help to jog your memory, so the key is to give us the missing 20 names. You have 15 minutes to come up with as many drivers as you can - but no sneaky Googling! Race against the clock to name all 20 and aim to secure the perfect 100% score.

Play along on’s latest F1 quiz below and let us know how you got on in the comments below.

If that wasn’t enough, why not try our previous F1 quiz on guessing the driver based a series of clues.

So far, the opening nine F1 rounds have been either postponed for cancelled with all teams have been put into a five-week ‘summer’ shutdown during the delays.

With the 2020 F1 season currently scheduled to start at the end of June with the French Grand Prix – although the entire calendar remains provisional in preparation for a reshuffle – please feel free to let us know of any quizzes, brain teasers or videos you would like to see over the coming weeks to fill the gap without racing.

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