Six-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton believes the lack of diversity in motorsport is “worse than ever before”. 

Hamilton has spoken regularly about his concerns over a lack of diversity in F1 and revealed last year that he wants to help less-privileged children get into motorsport when his career is over. 

Despite his family not being wealthy, the Briton was able to begin a career in motorsport largely thanks to the efforts made years ago by his father Anthony, before he was eventually signed up by McLaren. 

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Speaking in an exclusive interview with Italy’s Style Magazine, Hamilton revealed that his positive mindset and never-give-up attitude was key to breaking through into F1.  

“I’ve never had a quitting mindset and that’s part of the reason I’m where I am today,” Hamilton said. “But there have been many difficult moments. 

“I remember coming home from school, super excited to go karting, and my dad having to tell me that we didn’t have enough money to go that week. The other kids at the track didn’t have those worries.

“The truth is that it was incredibly hard for me to break into this industry,” he added. 

“I wish I could say it was better today but if anything, I think the situation is worse than ever before. 

"Motor racing is so expensive that working class and lower income brackets are excluded from the outset.” 

Asked what he feels is needed to bring more diversity to motorsport, Hamilton replied: “There is a saying we use in the UK: “You can’t be it if you can’t see it.” 

“Kids need to see successful people who look like them to know that their dreams are achievable. 

“Sadly, in Formula 1 today, there is an overall lack of diversity: not only among drivers, but also among engineers and mechanics. 

“If we don’t make the effort to create pathways to give those from different backgrounds a chance, we will all be to blame.”