Ricciardo has historically fared well around the streets of Monte Carlo, taking pole position in 2016 and winning in 2018, while driving for Red Bull.

The Australian struggled for pace throughout the whole weekend relative to teammate Lando Norris.

Ricciardo was knocked out of Q2 and is set to start the race from 12th, while Norris starred again for McLaren with fifth in qualifying.

Reflecting on his qualifying performance in Monaco, Ricciardo was left mystified by the substantial gap between him and Norris throughout the weekend.

“Probably more confused and frustrating,” Ricciardo said. “The whole weekend I was pretty much one second off the pace of my teammate. There is no way I should be that slow around here. A bit of a mystery for now. I’m not saying that I should be one second faster, but I don’t remember the last time I was that much off the pace.

“There were some laps that felt good, and I crossed the line thinking that was a pretty good lap and it was a long way off the pace. I do not have an answer at the moment. It is such a frustration here on the circuit, one I love and one where qualifying is so important. A bit of a mystery for now.”

Ricciardo felt more comfortable in his McLaren despite the time deficit to Norris being greater than in previous races.

“It was better, but better was one second off the pace,” Ricciardo added. “It is a strange weekend. There have been previous weekends this year where I say I need to learn the car a bit better, but around here to be that far off the pace all weekend, I’m a little confused at the moment.

“There are some areas where I would say there is a bit of time, but the laps felt pretty good. I did not feel like I was leaving those sorts of margins on the table. We have to look at it. I’m trying not to be upset right now because it is what it is. I am more confused and frustrated or angry.”