Going into the final runs in Q3, Tsunoda crashed at Turn 3. 

Sainz was right behind the AlphaTauri driver, losing control of his Ferrari into the same corner.

Their crashes caused the fourth red flag of qualifying, meaning no one could improve on their initial efforts in Q3, handing Charles Leclerc his second pole in a row ahead of Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

Explaining his crash, Tsunoda told Sky Sports F1: “I went too late in the braking and went into the wall. I got a lock-up in the late entry and there was no chance to make the corner and I went into the wall. It was a shame.”

Tsunoda isn’t concerned his crash will force him into a gearbox change with the rookie set to start from seventh, moving up one place thanks to Lando Norris’ penalty for a red flag infringement.

Sainz blamed his crash on starting his final lap too close to Tsunoda and being caught in two minds when he saw the AlphaTauri driver head into the barriers.

“Well I started the lap too close to Yuki,” Sainz said. “There was a massive traffic jam in the last three corners. Like we all expected, but the FIA tried not to allow this to happen, but there was someone upfront playing games and we were all in a massive jam.

“But I started the lap too close, I was very quick through Turn 1 and Turn 2, and then I saw Yuki locking up and crashing in front of me. I had doubts whether to try and do the corner and continue my lap or hit the brakes harder and avoid the crash, and in the end, by trying to do one or the other I ended up crashing myself, no? but a bit of a shame, because it shouldn’t have happened and it’s again another quali, another missed opportunity.”




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