Red Bull lodge FIA request to review Hamilton-Verstappen F1 collision

Red Bull has lodged a request for the FIA to review the stewards' decision over the collision between Formula 1 title rivals Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen at the British Grand Prix. 
Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

Hamilton was adjudged to have been ‘predominantly’ to blame for the crash which occurred on the opening lap of the Silverstone race at Copse, with the Mercedes driver handed a 10-second time penalty.

Despite this, Hamilton was able to win the race and cut Verstappen’s championship lead down to just eight points with the Red Bull driver taken out of the race in a 51G impact that required a hospital visit for precautionary checks.

After indicating that it would push for further action to be taken against Hamilton, Red Bull has now formally launched a challenge to review the incident, with the FIA officially confirming Red Bull's submitted petition on Tuesday afternoon.

A video conference hearing will take place on Thursday ahead of this weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix to review the matter.

Up to three representatives from Mercedes and Red Bull are required to attend the virtual meeting at 4pm local time on Thursday afternoon in Budapest.

Reflecting on the incident before it was announced that Red Bull had exercised its right to request a review, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff said:  “Everyone has their own opinion on the events of Silverstone and it was a very polarising incident.

“However, the most important thing is that Max is okay. It’s never nice to see a car crashing, particularly at such high speeds and at a corner like that, so we’re glad he emerged from the accident unscathed.”

How likely is it Red Bull will succeed?

Red Bull’s request to review the incident underlines that it remains unmoved in its belief that Hamilton was deserving of a harsher penalty.

But for the FIA to make a U-turn and agree that a review should take place - and potential retrospective new punishment that could affect the result of the British GP be dished out - Red Bull needs to present new and significant information.

Thursday’s meeting is only for the stewards to examine any new evidence brought to the table by Red Bull and determine whether or not a review is viable.

Red Bull could offer a witness statement from Verstappen which was not available at the time due to him being taken to hospital. It has also been claimed that the team has new data which shows Hamilton’s entry speed into Copse was faster on the first lap than at any other time during the race.

Whatever information Red Bull offers, it must be deemed ‘significant’ and ‘relevant’ for the matter to be re-examined.

History would suggest it is unlikely that Red Bull will be successful in its attempts to get the stewards' decision overturned and Hamilton’s penalty increased.

The FIA rejected Ferrari’s right to review request after the 2019 Canadian Grand Prix when Sebastian Vettel lost a win due to being handed a time penalty for forcing Hamilton off track.

On that occasion, Ferrari had presented post-race video analysis by Sky Sports F1 pundit Karun Chandhok as ‘new evidence’, as well as Vettel’s witness statement, but their argument was ultimately dismissed.

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