Norris looked on course to win at the Sochi Autodrom until a late downpour made for a chaotic end to the grand prix.

The McLaren opted to stay out on slick tyres as the rain fell, while Lewis Hamilton switched to intermediates, allowing him to get ahead to take his 100th win in F1.

While it was a disappointing day for Norris, he admitted that he learned a lot from battling Hamilton for the race victory.

“Things I learned, I learned a lot,” Norris said ahead of the Turkish Grand Prix. “Altogether a lot of things. It was not just that decision at the end of the day which could be improved. There are many things from my side. Dealing with the situation that I was in, leading a race and having Lewis behind me, that was not a situation that I’ve been in.

“Where there’s been so much pressure on me as the driver, especially when the conditions started to get worse. The level of concentration that you need is insane. It is something that is very difficult to describe to a person who has not driven a Formula One car in these conditions with Lewis and a Mercedes just behind you.”

Norris revealed that he wants to improve his own communication while driving after not making the right strategy call in Russia.

“Dealing with that pressure and being able to still talk to my team, to be able to communicate with my team and just the best way of dealing with this pressure, because a lot of the time I’m a driver who does not like too many communications. I don’t talk too much. I like to be quiet and drive.

“There is a level when you have to add to that, you still need to be able to talk quite a bit and have that information coming to you, and you be giving the team information while still performing and driving in first place with Lewis behind you when it is raining. Just being in that situation is a good learning point. But that is an experience thing. It is not something you can necessarily prepare for on Sunday morning.

“I was as prepared and ready as I could be, but living that situation is something very different. These are not things I should be telling everyone, but many things from a relaxed and communication point of view that I can be better on.”