Ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix, Red Bull announced that Sergio Perez will remain with the team.

Gasly has been a star performer in 2021 with consistent Q3 appearances and a podium finish at Baku.

After the race in Zandvoort, Gasly voiced his frustrations to French TV over being snubbed by Red Bull and questioned why Perez was awarded driver of the day after he finished eighth having been lapped by race winner Verstappen.

In Thursday’s press conference ahead of the Turkish Grand Prix, Gasly was asked to clarify his comments.

“Well, I think to put everything back it in the right space, I think, nothing was related to Sergio, you know, it's more on my case and the relationship that I have with Red Bull, in my personal contract and for my future,” Gasly said. “So just to mention that.”

Gasly was called up to Red Bull for 2019 after Daniel Ricciardo switched to McLaren.

The Frenchman feels that he’s more deserving of a front-running drive in F1 after his consistent run of performances since returning to Red Bull’s sister team.

“And yeah, I think, I performed at a very good level in Toro Rosso,” Gasly added. “Better than I did in 2018, when I was given the opportunity, and I am performing at a better level, more experienced. And, yeah, I felt that based on this year, I could have deserved a better chance, but then that's the decision, it doesn't stop my motivation.

“I've been in Sergio's position. It's part of obviously as a career perspective my goal is to be in Red Bull, and there is no surprise for that, I want to be in a car, which allows me to fight for wins and podiums. And that will always be the target, because that's what I'm, you know, working for every morning, working on myself, trying to be a better driver, win races, and that's the goal.

“So, they made the decision, you know, I'm happy for them, [that] they're having a very successful season. And, you know, keep pushing and try to get my chance in the future, because that's what I want. I want to fight for a world championship.”