Mercedes have requested for the stewards’ to revisit last weekend’s controversial incident between the two title rivals after both drivers left the track at Turn 4 when Hamilton attempted to pass Verstappen around the outside on lap 48. 

Hamilton eventually successfully overtook Verstappen on his way to completing a stunning fightback victory in Brazil, but Mercedes believes the clash should be reopened after the stewards decided against punishing the Red Bull driver. 

Following a lengthy hearing on Thursday ahead of this weekend’s Qatar Grand Prix, the stewards have delayed a verdict over whether or not to grant Mercedes’ right to review Verstappen’s defensive manoeuvre. 

"Listen, if it would have been the other way around in Brazil it would have exactly played out like that," Verstappen told Sky Sports. 

"It's hard racing. We are fighting for a championship; we are not here to be in a kindergarten.”

Verstappen believes Mercedes’ request to review the incident was ultimately sparked by Hamilton’s disqualification from qualifying on Friday in Brazil. 

"They already said after they got disqualified they're going to complain about every single thing, even if there's tape hanging loose,” he said. 

“So I think that's a normal reaction. That’s why it's kind of expected.” 

Red Bull were unsuccessful in its own attempt to seek harsher punishment for Hamilton after contact with Verstappen led to the Dutchman’s race-ending crash on the first lap of July’s British Grand Prix. 

Verstappen insisted the two situations were completely different. 

"It's a bit of a difference [to Silverstone],” Verstappen explained. 

“He still won the race, whereas in Silverstone I was in the wall. Those two are not the same. They were upset by being disqualified."