Verstappen was not punished for forcing Hamilton off the track as they battled for position in last Sunday’s Sao Paulo GP. 

Hamilton had attempted to overtake the Red Bull driver around the outside at Turn 4 on lap 48 but both championship contenders ended up running wide and leaving the track. 

At the time, F1’s stewards noted the incident but deemed an investigation was not necessary. 

Following a lengthy hearing - which was briefly paused - involving Mercedes and Red Bull representatives on Thursday in Qatar, it was announced that a decision would not be reached until Friday. 

“Following today’s hearing with representatives from Mercedes and Red Bull, the stewards are now considering the matter and will publish their decision tomorrow,” an FIA statement read. 

It is believed that Mercedes’ new evidence includes footage from Verstappen’s front-facing camera that was not released until Tuesday, nearly 48 hours after the race. 

Speaking after the race, FIA race director Michael Masi had admitted this was “potentially” a defining piece of evidence. 

If the stewards decide the evidence is compelling, the incident will be revisited and Verstappen could end up being hit with a penalty in retrospect. 

On Thursday, Verstappen said he was “not surprised” Mercedes had lodged a right of review but doubted he would end up being punished. 

Verstappen currently holds a 14-point lead over Hamilton in the championship heading into the final three races.