After failing to score in 2020, Williams scored 23 points as it comfortably beat rivals Alfa Romeo. 

Williams returned to the podium for the first time since 2017 with George Russell at the Belgian Grand Prix. 

Reflecting on the season, Capito thinks that Williams achieved more than it should have in 2021.

“I would say from the development of the team, it was as I hoped for and expected,” Capito said.

“From the points and the positions, it has exceeded the expectations, from the very little development that was possible from last year to this year and under the Covid circumstances, it was even more difficult.

“Then finally finishing eighth, it’s overachieving our objectives from the beginning of the season.” 

Williams ended its points drought with both Russell and Nicholas Latifi finishing inside the top 10 at the Hungarian Grand Prix - a personal highlight for Capito.

“Personal highlights are Budapest, the first point-score after a long time for the team, and then the podium in Spa,” he explained.

“These were also key moments for the team to find the trust back, to find the motivation back, and to push even harder to prove that if we do courageous decisions, that they can pay off.

“We don’t have to wait until other decisions and then follow, we are good enough to do our own decisions, and they can be good. I think those two races have boosted the team’s self-confidence.”

With F1 set for its biggest regulation change in years in 2022, Williams has a great opportunity to move up the pecking order.

Capito is confident the team now has the structures in place to move up the field after Dorilton Capital took over the team from the Williams family last year.

“I am satisfied with where the team is now, with the structure we have in place, with the processes we have in place. 

“It’s not all done, it’s by far not all done. But as we know, to get a team back to the top, it takes a longer time.

“You can’t have miracles. It’s hard work, dedication, it’s teamwork and a big team effort. 

“It’s not done in one year but I believe we are on track and we’ve established a mentality of change so that change is accepted, that people try to get better every day. I think that mentality will help us to move forward.”