Haas' 2022 F1 car will look “a little bit different” at testing

Haas' 2022 Formula 1 car will "look a little bit different" once pre-season testing gets underway, team principal Guenther Steiner has admitted.
Haas' 2022 F1 car will look “a little bit different” at testing

The American outfit became the first team to provide a glimpse of F1’s new era of regulations on Friday when it released digital renderings of its VF-22 to unveil its 2022 livery.

But Steiner confirmed the team’s actual 2022 car will differ somewhat when it makes its official track debut at the start of the opening three-day pre-season test at the Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya in Spain on February 23. 

“I think how different it looks in Barcelona, you will see in two weeks,” Steiner told media following Friday's launch. “It will be a little bit different obviously. 

“We are not saying now it will be exactly the same because this is a stage of development. We don’t want to define it, but it is going in that direction. 

“In the moment between the test and the race, we will not have a lot of changes planned for the moment.”

Haas technical director Simone Resta believes the approach of trying to conceal key design details will be similar to most teams up and down the grid.

“On our side, there will be a bit of improvement here and there, so the car will look marginally different,” Resta explained. 

Haas' 2022 F1 car will look “a little bit different” at testing

“There has been a very positive performance improvement section after section, so we hope that trend will continue for some time, and we hope then that we will be able to progress the car in season.

“Of course in two weeks’ time it will be a nice time to see all the cars together on day one in Barcelona on the track when everyone will run then. 

“I’m pretty sure there will be different ideas to look at, so I’m pretty sure there will be thoughts for thinking about how to evolve the car in a different direction by then.” 

Steiner hopes Haas can clock up plenty of mileage with its VF-22 during the six days of testing in order to be in the best shape possible for the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix on March 20. 

“It’s a complete new car so it’s always exciting when you go out the first time, where will the gremlins be?” he said.

"Last year there was a carryover so there’s a lot less gremlins in a carryover than a complete new car. So the expectation is to go out there and do solid laps – that’s the first expectation. 

“If you’re reliable and can get going you learn a lot and can develop, get data, get the bests et-up for the first race on the car and just do a good session.”

When asked what the team’s main objectives are for 2022, Steiner simply quipped: “To go fast.”

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