Formula 1’s new season burst into life last week as all 10 teams showed off their 2020 cars and there was plenty to catch the eye.

From who can snatch a head start this year to what the future holds for the sport, Formula 1’s wheels are in motion for another frantic season of action and intrigue. Here’s what stood out from Formula 1’s launch week.

Mercedes is here to stay

The reigning F1 champions were weighing up their future in the sport according to gossip over the winter, but Mercedes chief Toto Wolff laid fears to rest by calling it all nonsense.

A new long-term partnership with INEOS has been signed while Hamilton, Wolff and Mercedes itself hinted heavily at committing itself in F1 for the long haul. The Silver Arrows do not look set to be changing direction anytime soon as it targets more F1 history following its six straight drivers’ and constructors’ world titles.

But until pen is put to paper on some heavy-duty contracts, nothing can be truly certain..

Renault launches without a car

F1 team launches have delivered all manner of things over the years but one essential part has always been present – showing off the new car. That was until Renault decided to change it up.

While drivers, team management and new colours were on display, there was no sight of Renault’s new car which sent the rumour mill into overdrive. The French team defended itself, saying there’s no point in showing it off to the world while it is still being completed, but it certainly left an invisible white elephant in the room.

Ferrari gambles for glory

Ferrari chief Mattia Binotto made a bold opening gambit by calling its 2020 car extreme compared to its predecessor. There’s just one year left of the current regulations, but it appears F1’s most famous name is going all in to break the Mercedes domination with a revised car concept.

The Italian squad hosted the fanciest launch with a choir, orchestra and theatre production to show off the SF1000 to the masses, meaning Ferrari is literally going big or going home this season.

More of the same from Red Bull

Both on the outside and looking closer in, Red Bull’s RB16 certainly gave strong resemblance to its older sibling. A tightening here and a tuck there, Red Bull and Honda are aiming to retain its impressive form from the end of 2019 as it bids to launch a genuine title fight.

The team has clearly done enough already to convince star driver Max Verstappen to commit his future, having signed a new deal last month, and while Red Bull’s real chance to strike will come in 2021’s shake-up it’ll be exciting to see if it can maintain its progress to close the gap at the top.

McLaren preparing to strike

2019 was a much-needed breath of fresh air for McLaren after years of frustration and unfulfilled promises.

Now it is looking to keep ahead of the F1 midfield battle and develop its exciting young driver duo of Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris as it cultivates its new generation.

Like most of its F1 rivals, McLaren knows its biggest chance to return to the front will come in 2021 and the team has made it clear Plans A, B and C are in place to provide flexibility to reach every opportunity that comes its way.

What stood out for you during the 2020 Formula 1 team launches? Let us know in the comments below.



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