Formula 2 drivers Nikita Mazepin and Nobuharu Matsushita have both been taken to hospital for evaluation after a heavy crash at the start of Sunday’s Sprint Race in Sochi.

Neither driver has suffered any fractures, with Mazepin being shown walking away from the crash at Turn 2 that was triggered on the opening lap.

Mazepin and Jack Aitken both took to the escape road at Turn 2 after missing the apex of the corner, going side-by-side as they tried to rejoin the circuit, resulting in contact between their cars.

Mazepin’s car was sent across the track and into the path of Matsushita, causing the latter to crash into the wall at speed. Mazepin’s car then continued in the same direction, resulting in a secondary hit with Matsushita.

The race was red-flagged immediately following the crash. Mazepin was shown walking away from the crash, with replays of the incident then following on the world feed.

Formula 2 confirmed via its official Twitter account that neither driver had sustained any fractures in the accident, but that both would be taken to hospital for further evaluations.

The F2 race restarted at 1215 local time - 49 minutes after the race was suspended - run to a shortened distance of 15 laps, the field being led by Luca Ghiotto.



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