Formula 2 and Formula 3 have announced their 2021 seasons will run separately and be shorter as part of major cost-saving measures being introduced into the series.

F2 and F3 weekends have previously comprised of two races but from next season both championships will hold three races per weekend.

F2 is staging 12 double-header rounds alongside F1 this season, but will instead run an eight-round championship of triple-headers in 2021, featuring a total of 24 races. Meanwhile, F3’s 2021 calendar will compromise seven rounds and a total of 21 races.

While both championships will continue to support F1 races, they will no longer take place on the same weekend as each other due to the logistical challenge of fitting six races around the F1 Grand Prix.

The package of cost-saving changes include a decrease in cost of the engine lease and some spare parts, as well as a cut to costs relating to logistics and freight.

Subject to approval from the World Motor Sport Council, F2 will use the same specification of car for the next three-year cycle, with F3’s 2019 car regulations staying in place until at least the end of 2022.

Fewer race weekends will help teams’ budgets without impacting on the amount of racing that takes place, with F3 actually increasing its overall mileage per season.

The exact format of the calendar will be announced at a later date.

FIA Formula 2 and FIA Formula 3 CEO Bruno Michel said: “One of our core values since the launch of the GP2 Series back in 2005 has been costs control. Today, more than ever, it has to be at the heart of our strategy.

“The measures we are announcing here are crucial as they have an impact on the way both Championships operate, but also on the calendar and the race weekend timetable, hence the sporting regulations.

“Furthermore, the teams who are currently competing in both Championships will have the possibility to mutualise some of their personnel between the two categories in order to save additional costs.

“We strongly feel that this has to be done and put in place as quickly as possible to ensure the stability of both Championships in the years to come.”