Formula E has unveiled its updated ‘Gen2 Evo’ chassis that will make its debut for the 2020-21 season.

The “futuristic” bodykit features a number of revisions to the existing Gen2 car chassis that has been racing since the start of Season 5, including removing the hubbed front wheel arches that were a feature of the first design.

Gen2 Evo also has a reprofiled front wing design and a raised nose, in line with the side-on teaser images Formula E had released last week.

The front wing has been repositioned closer to the front wheels now the enclosed wheel arches have been dropped. Changes have been made towards the rear chassis too, with revisions to the rear wheels and rear wings, including a new aggressive-looking dorsal fin.

It is hoped the revised front wing design will help prevent high levels of car-to-car contact as a result of being more susceptible to damage.

"The Gen2 already stands out as one of the most striking race cars to hit the track, and just as the name implies, the Gen2 EVO is another evolution of the distinctive design," Formula E chairman and founder Alejandro Agag said. 

"As we did with the first-generation car, the Gen2 EVO has been given reprofiled bodywork to make it look more sleek and agile.

"This car will forever go down in the history books as the first to challenge for an ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.

"I would like to thank FIA President Jean Todt and his team for making this evolution take shape. Its futuristic design once again showcases Formula E as the category for innovation in both technological advances and appearance."

FIA president Jean Todt added: "The ABB FIA Formula E Championship is in only its sixth season of competition, yet the technology within it has come a long way, and can benefit all road users.

"I am pleased that as it transitions to world championship status, we see a further evolution of the Gen2 car - the Gen2 EVO - with an exciting new look.

"It is this progressive approach that has contributed to the expansion of the grid and increasing competitiveness of the championship, which continues to go from strength to strength and which is paving the way for the future of sustainable urban mobility."

It follows Formula E’s pattern of refreshing its chassis designs after two seasons. The original Spark Gen1 car was altered ahead of Season 3, before being replaced by the radical Gen2 concept for Season 5.

The Gen2 removed the need for mid-race car swaps due to having greater battery capacity, though pit stops are set to return to the series in the future with the new faster and lighter Gen3 car - slated for introduction in the 2022-23 campaign - which is required to have capability for mid-race charging.

Following Formula E’s digital reveal, a full physical reveal of the Gen2 Evo design will follow at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show in March.