Tony Kanaan kept his hopes for a second IndyCar Series title alive on Sunday by winning a wild Detroit Indy Grand Prix at the Raceway at Belle Isle.

Kanaan, who claimed his IndyCar Series-best fifth victory this season, stayed on the track while most of the leaders pitted during a late-race caution and was in front when IndyCar Series officials declared the race a timed event rather than its scheduled 90 laps due to the mandated 2 hour, 10 minute time limit for all road/street events.

"It was a tough race. We got a good start. I got ahead of Dario and at that point I had to save fuel because we did not put a lot of fuel in. The luck was on my side, we got another yellow and that worked out perfectly," said Tony.

"Some of the races this year, luck was on the opposite side of me and it looks like we turned that situation around here at the end of the season. So five wins in the season. We're going for six - trying to break Dan's (Wheldon) record. So we'll see.

"We're very happy for the whole 7-Eleven Team. I've got to thank the fans. I've got to thank Roger Penske for bringing this race back. It's a great event. I'm glad we're going to come back here next year."

As the leaders raced on the next-to-last lap of the 89-lap event though, the second-place car of Buddy Rice ran out of fuel, triggering a three-car accident that also involved IndyCar Series title contenders Scott Dixon and Dario Franchitti.

"Obviously, it was a crash-fest, and I just hate to get involved in the points championship because of where I'm at. Those two (Scott Dixon and Dario Franchitti) were battling it out and to take them out with a lap to go or get involved in an accident because I ran out of fuel is just disappointing for everybody involved," Rice admitted.

"Track position was key for us today. I think we finally got a car that was fast, and we were able to run the times of the leaders. It was just hard to get by and that second stint we kept moving up and passing people. Things were starting to come together. It's just disappointing to be squeezed that tight on fuel.

"We thought it was a timed race, and we were in a position to be fine and then once they kept running it out, we ran out of fuel. I had no place to go really. It's very difficult to get out of the way.

"I went down and apologised to Dario, Mike Hull and Mr. Ganassi. I just feel bad. They were cool and they understand. It wasn't like I was trying to crash. It's just disappointing to be involved in the championship that way. I didn't mean for any of that to happen.

"I just wanted a solid strong finish for Dreyer & Reinbold and our new sponsor Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas. It was extremely exciting. It's where we want to be at. Dennis Reinbold and Robbie Buhl have stepped up and tried to make their team better. We are in a good position.

"We just need a little bit more help and a little more luck here and I think we'll be OK. Our finish was good from starting basically last. To move up and run up front, we were in an excellent position. I'm just disappointed I didn't want to crash those two guys out. I knew they were behind me, and I was trying to just keep pace. I was running with the leader; to have that happen just sucks."

Danica Patrick meanwhile avoided the wreckage to finish a career-best second, while Dan Wheldon was third, followed by Darren Manning and Kosuke Matsuura.

"I think that the race, first and foremost, put on by Roger Penske and his group of people was just absolutely fantastic," said Dan. "This is the kind of thing that IndyCar needs.

"Along with Helio (Castroneves) getting on "Dancing with the Stars" or that ballerina thing that he's doing anyway, I think it's good. I think the race was good for the fans. It was very entertaining.

"For Target Chip Ganassi racing it was good in one aspect, from our standpoint, finishing in the top three.

"It was a little unfortunate for Scott (Dixon), but he's still in a great position to be able to win the championship and that's what we need."

Despite the accident, which dropped Franchitti from fourth to sixth though, he ended the day three points ahead of Dixon in the championship standings heading into the season-ending race.

"The Canadian Club car was fantastic today. We just got beat out of the pits by Scott (Dixon). And then Scott, I guess he blocked me one lap and then the next lap he spun in front of me and blocked the track. So it was just one of those things," stated Dario.

"I'm more upset with the officials right now for not throwing a full-course yellow and attempting to get me out of there, but it was just a wild, crazy day. The way everybody's driving right now, anything can happen."

"I wasn't trying to pass Buddy (Rice). I was in a good position and would not have risked it," Dixon added.

"He ran out of fuel. I sideswiped Buddy but tried to keep going. I was just trying to stay ahead of (Dario) Franchitti for valuable points. I would never have done anything intentional to jeopardize our race.

"Heading to Chicago the points situation is a lot tighter than I wish it was. Today was a good battle for the Target team and Chicago should be a better one especially for the fans."

The 2007 IndyCar Series now comes to a close next weekend, September 9, at Chicagoland Speedway, with the PEAK Antifreeze Indy 300 presented by Mr. Clean getting underway at 3.30 pm [local time].