Jamie Campbell-Walter has admitted responsibility after the accident that forced the Lister team to withdraw from the Le Mans 24-hours after an accident during the second day of qualifying on Thursday.

Campbell-Walter held up his hand to the cause of the accident, saying that he hit a bump on the exit of the Dunlop Esses and lost control of the car.

There was a long period of waiting for the team as his radio had disconnected, so he was unable to inform them that he was OK.

The 30-year-old was trapped in the car by his legs for more than ten minutes as the medical crews worked to free him.

"We had made a small change to the rear rebound and I hit a bump, it was 100 per cent my fault," said Campbell-Walter. "Nothing broke. It is a great shame for the boys who have worked really hard.

"The chassis is fine but there was a piece of carbon fitted to the left side of the cockpit to prevent our legs being pulled by the g-forces through the Porsche Curves. As that piece was not structural, it broke and trapped my legs.

"I will be all right for Donington."

Campbell-Walter was to share the car with Nathan Kinch and Belgian Vincent Vosse. The team was forced to withdraw the car due to a lack of spare parts. "We could have repaired the car overnight, but we don't have the right bits," said team manager Laurence Pearce.

[ Pic courtesy www.fiagt.com ]