Automobile Club de l’Ouest President Pierre Fillon has described the LMP1 cars as a “grandfather” of the new regulations set to be introduced in 2020 after the announcement of new Hypercar rules was confirmed at Le Mans.

At the pre-Le Mans 24 Hours press conference hosted by the ACO and FIA, further details were revealed on the Hypercar-based category set to replace LMP1 from 2020 at WEC and Le Mans.

The new premier class focuses on high-performance hybrid-powered cars which resemble manufacturers' Hypercar and concept designs while using a standardised ECU with regulated aerodynamic packages. Officials are also targeting a budget of around 25% of the current LMP1 outfits, estimated at around £25-£30m.

Fillon accepts the sustainability of LMP1 isn’t possible having seen the exit of Nissan, Audi and Porsche in consecutive years, leaving just Toyota in the hybrid class, but feels the technology used in the category will become a leading light to the new generation of rules which could still see a crossover between the two.



“It’s an evolution of the LMP1. For sure maybe there will be one or two years with the grandfather in LMP1 and the new generation, we have to discuss that,” Fillon said. “LMP2 is a very good category, it works very well and there is no question there will be an evolution in the category as there is every four of years and the same for GTE. After that maybe the technology in GTE will be involved in the future. As it stands there is no pressure to change that.

“The DNA of the Le Mans 24 Hours is to allow the manufacturers to test and to show that technology that they can apply to the road car. For me I think motorsport must be at the service of the road car.

“I think the fuel cell and the hydrogen direction because it’s zero emission, it’s good in terms of autonomy, with the production of the battery and so on. I think it’s the right direction for endurance.”

The ACO is aiming to lockdown a final confirmation of the new premier class regulations at this FIA’s final World Motor Sport Council meeting in 2018.


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