Ten times world motocross champion and Red Bull KTM team boss Stefan Everts beat more than 900 riders to take victory in Sunday's three hour Weston Beach Race.

Fellow KTM rider David Knight thundered to the first corner in front of the thousand-strong field, but was soon taken by Everts. The madness began almost instantly, with bikes and riders flying all over the place as competitors tackled the incredibly tough dune course for the first time.

Star-riders Josh Coppins, Jamie Lewis and Shaun Simpson were all up in the mix, dodging their way around the riders and bikes strewn across the super-dunes around the 3.5-mile track as they forced their way around the first lap.

Everts pulled a lead over the Knighter during the first hour, but the Enduro star upped the pace to try and catch the Belgian-ace, despite having to race his way around the hundreds of slower riders. Cheered on by the crowd who were enjoying the perfect sunny weather conditions, star-racers Paul Edmondson, Marc de Reuver, Tom Church and Shaun Simpson also battled on to hunt down the leaders.

At the end of the first hour, the unavoidable fuel stop switched the order around again, and as fatigue set in, many riders began to struggle in the incredibly tough test of man and machine. Everts continued to dominate, while Knighter was intent on catching the sand expert around the Justin Barclay designed course designed.

In the latter stages of the race it was second-placed Knighter who came across a mechanical problem with his machine, and much to his disappointment, was ruled out of the race.

PAR Homes Honda pilot, Jamie Lewis was caught and passed by the MX2 British Champion, Shaun Simpson - riding a 250 - while Josh Coppins slipped down the standings, presumably with a technical issue. Local-man Church managed to fight his way up the order from eleventh position and crossed the finish line in fifth place.

Everts clinched his first Weston victory, at his third attempt, by just over two minutes from Simpson, who finished fourth in the 2008 MX2 World Championship and will join the Red Bull KTM MX2 Factory Team next season.

It was the 26th time the race had been held, won on the first occasion by Willie Simpson, Shaun's father.

Lewis completed the podium and was the third and final rider to record 18 laps.

2008 Weston Beach Race - Top 8:
1. Stefan Everts, Belgium, KTM 450, 18 laps 3:07.26.37
2. Shaun Simpson, Britain, KTM 250, 18 laps 3:09.39.28
3. Jamie Lewis, Britain, Honda 450, 18 laps. 3:11.25.01
4. Ashley Greedy, Britain, Suzuki 250, 17 laps, 3:07.46.69
5. Tom Church, Britain, Kawasaki 450, 17 laps, 3:10.13.59
6. Paul Edmondson, Britain, Suzuki 450, 17 laps, 3:12.10.04
7. Marc de Reuver, Holland, Honda 450, 17 laps, 3:13.59.48
8. Tyla Rattray, South Africa, KTM 450, 17 laps 3:16.44.81