The Red Bull KTM Ajo rider fell at turn two of the afternoon session while yellow flags were still being waved to recover the bike of Aron Canet.

'This contravenes the specific instructions given to all teams/competitors, and it is considered irresponsible riding causing danger to other competitors,' read a statement from the FIM MotoGP Stewards panel.

As a result, the Stewards have handed Acosta a Long Lap penalty to serve in Sunday's Indonesian Grand Prix, which should cost the young Spaniard around 3-4 seconds.

It is thought that a damp patch at the apex of Turn 2 may have contributed to the accidents for Canet and Acosta, who was flicked into a hiighside after losing the front wheel.

The reigning Moto3 champion recovered to twelfth place on his Moto2 race debut after the turn one setback in Qatar.