Migno blasts financial demands from teams as he remains unsigned

With Andrea Migno’s hopes of moving to Moto2 over for 2023, WorldSSP or even the CEV Moto2 championship appear to be slim possibilities as it stands due to hefty financial demands from teams causing the former Moto3 rider to struggle finding a seat .
Andrea Migno, Rivacold Snipers Moto3 2022
Andrea Migno, Rivacold Snipers Moto3 2022

Migno’s last Moto3 win came at the 2022 season-opener in Qatar before the Italian went on to record his highest championship finish since entering the series in 2015.

Migno finished the campaign in ninth place, however, seats for the 2023 season quickly filled up while Migno was instead looking at progression into one of the two intermediate classes at world championship level.

That means Moto2 or WorldSSP, with the latter being the same class that John McPhee moved to from Moto3. 

But with some teams demanding upwards of 300/400 thousand Euros from a rider to compete in the Moto2 season, Migno has been unable to secure anything to this point as WorldSSP appears the more likely option should he find a resolution. 

However, Migno is now looking at the CEV championship which is also providing its challenges.

Speaking to Corsedimoto, Migno said: "For the Moto2 World Championship they ask for 300 to 400 thousand euros, for the CEV Moto 2 they want 200 thousand euros, for the Supersport World Championship a little less but important figures are needed there too and in any case there would be no more places when the grid is full.

"My priority is the CEV to stay in the loop and hope to return to the world championship but if I don't make it I would also evaluate the CIV, both Supersport and Superbike. 

"In the CIV I might have chances because the figures are lower. I'm working on it but it's tough."

Unhappy with the financial demands that are making it difficult for one of the more recognisable Moto3 riders from the last few years, Migno has pointed to there being a problem with the ‘system’. 

Andrea Migno, Moto3, Valencia MotoGP, 5 November
Andrea Migno, Moto3, Valencia MotoGP, 5 November

The former Snipers rider said: "I still have a great passion, a great desire to compete, to get out of this foggy period. There is a bit of discouragement, though, I won't deny it. 

"I don't think it's right for things to go this way. There is something wrong with the system. I continue to train as if I had to compete, I want to be ready for every possible call. 

"Every now and then I think of Aleix Espargaro who was on foot then found a great saddle and won in MotoGP

"He is my inspiration and I hope with all my heart to experience a fairy tale like his. I'm not giving up, I want to race and I hope I can do it."

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