WATCH: Moto3’s Ivan Ortola crashes… then climbs back onto the wrong bike

Remarkable moment that Moto3 riders crash and try to ride off on the wrong bikes
Ivan Ortola, Moto3, Grand Prix of the Americas, 13 April
Ivan Ortola, Moto3, Grand Prix of the Americas, 13 April

Ivan Ortola crashed in the Moto3 grand prix then climbed back onto the wrong bike.

Ortola and Stefano Nepa collided and both fell, leading to the remarkable exchange.

Ortola regained his feet and ran after what he thought was his bike.

He climbed back on - unknowingly onto Nepa’s bike.

Nepa had to charge after Ortola, and yank him back off the bike.

Ortola then ran back towards his own bike which lay on the floor several metres away.

Watch the incredible moment below


To matters even more awkward, Ortola raced for Nepa’s MTA Level Up Moto3 team last season so was climbing back onto his former team’s machine.

Ortola was later flung off his KTM again and did not finish the race at the Circuit of the Americas.

Nepa came home in 18th.

The grand prix was won by David Alonso.

But it was the memorable moment between Ortola and Nepa - amusing to everyone except those involved, presumably - which will live long in the memory.

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