2024 Qatar Moto3 Grand Prix, Lusail - Friday Practice Results

Friday Practice results from the 2024 Qatar Moto3 Grand Prix at Lusail.

Daniel Holgado, Moto3, Qatar MotoGP, 7 March
Daniel Holgado, Moto3, Qatar MotoGP, 7 March
2024 Moto3 Lusail - Practice (2) Results
1Daniel HolgadoSPARed Bull GASGAS Tech3(GASGAS)2m 3.606s
2Adrian FernandezSPALeopard Racing(Honda)2m 3.669s
3Matteo BertelleITARivacold Snipers Team(Honda)2m 3.775s
4Jose Antonio RuedaSPARed Bull KTM Ajo(KTM)2m 3.778s
5Ivan OrtolaSPAMT Helmets - MSI(KTM)2m 3.835s
6Riccardo RossiITACIP Green Power(KTM)2m 3.862s
7David AlonsoCOLCFMOTO Aspar Team(CFMOTO)2m 3.990s
8Stefano NepaITALEVELUP - MTA(KTM)2m 4.019s
9David MuñozSPABOE Motorsports(KTM)2m 4.135s
10Joel KelsoAUSBOE Motorsports(KTM)2m 4.282s
11Jacob RoulstoneAUSRed Bull GASGAS Tech3(GASGAS)2m 4.399s
12Ryusei YamanakaJPNMT Helmets - MSI(KTM)2m 4.417s
13Filippo FarioliITASIC58 Squadra Corse(Honda)2m 4.539s
14David AlmansaSPARivacold Snipers Team(Honda)2m 4.848s
15Scott OgdenGBRMLav Racing(Honda)2m 5.162s
16Collin VeijerNEDLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GP(Husqvarna)2m 5.162s
17Tatsuki SuzukiJPNLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GP(Husqvarna)2m 5.215s
18Luca LunettaITASIC58 Squadra Corse(Honda)2m 5.255s
19Taiyo FurusatoJPNHonda Team Asia(Honda)2m 5.649s
20Vicente PerezSPARed Bull KTM Ajo(KTM)2m 5.788s
21Nicola CarraroITALEVELUP - MTA(KTM)2m 5.810s
22Joel EstebanSPACFMOTO Aspar Team(CFMOTO)2m 6.254s
23Angel PiquerasSPALeopard Racing(Honda)2m 6.379s
24Tatchakorn BuasriTHAHonda Team Asia(Honda)2m 6.720s
25Noah DettwilerSWICIP Green Power(KTM)2m 6.990s
26Joshua WhatleyGBRMLav Racing(Honda)2m 7.220s

Dani Holgado leads Friday practice at the Qatar Grand Prix with a new Moto3 lap record at Lusail, the first event for the class with Pirelli tyres.

The start of the evening session was delayed by 'technical issues', thought to be related to the trackside flag panels. 

Red flags later appeared for the same reason, interrupting the session with just under 8 minutes to go and setting up a frantic finale... which ended with a shock rain shower!

The top 14 riders receive direct access to Saturday's Qualifying 2.

2024 Moto3 Lusail - Practice (1) Results
1Ivan OrtolaSPAMT Helmets - MSI(KTM)2m 4.205s
2Jose Antonio RuedaSPARed Bull KTM Ajo(KTM)2m 4.373s
3David MuñozSPABOE Motorsports(KTM)2m 4.445s
4David AlonsoCOLCFMOTO Aspar Team(CFMOTO)2m 4.605s
5Tatsuki SuzukiJPNLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GP(Husqvarna)2m 4.792s
6Daniel HolgadoSPARed Bull GASGAS Tech3(GASGAS)2m 4.954s
7Collin VeijerNEDLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GP(Husqvarna)2m 4.969s
8Adrian FernandezSPALeopard Racing(Honda)2m 5.049s
9Joel EstebanSPACFMOTO Aspar Team(CFMOTO)2m 5.132s
10Luca LunettaITASIC58 Squadra Corse(Honda)2m 5.146s
11Stefano NepaITALEVELUP - MTA(KTM)2m 5.156s
12Vicente PerezSPARed Bull KTM Ajo(KTM)2m 5.341s
13Matteo BertelleITARivacold Snipers Team(Honda)2m 5.361s
14Riccardo RossiITACIP Green Power(KTM)2m 5.447s
15Filippo FarioliITASIC58 Squadra Corse(Honda)2m 5.541s
16David AlmansaSPARivacold Snipers Team(Honda)2m 5.591s
17Scott OgdenGBRMLav Racing(Honda)2m 5.608s
18Taiyo FurusatoJPNHonda Team Asia(Honda)2m 5.613s
19Ryusei YamanakaJPNMT Helmets - MSI(KTM)2m 5.634s
20Jacob RoulstoneAUSRed Bull GASGAS Tech3(GASGAS)2m 6.283s
21Joshua WhatleyGBRMLav Racing(Honda)2m 6.380s
22Noah DettwilerSWICIP Green Power(KTM)2m 6.436s
23Angel PiquerasSPALeopard Racing(Honda)2m 6.542s
24Joel KelsoAUSBOE Motorsports(KTM)2m 6.882s
25Tatchakorn BuasriTHAHonda Team Asia(Honda)2m 7.343s
26Nicola CarraroITALEVELUP - MTA(KTM)2m 7.568s

Ivan Ortola leads the first grand prix practice session of the 2024 season, for the Moto3 class in Qatar.

David Alonso, tipped by the likes of Marc Marquez as the title favourite, limped away from a fast accident in the closing minutes.


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