"Don't count the days, make the days count," Marquez said in a social media post, the first document of him exercising his right arm since removing his sling post-surgery.

He also showed himself swimming, nine weeks after his surgery.

Marquez’s most recent surgery, his fourth on his troublesome right arm, was the most serious and led to concern that he would never be fit to race in MotoGP again.

Marquez had been racing this season with his bone 30 degrees out of place - eventually the pain forced him to step back after the Italian GP at Mugello, and he travelled to the US to go under the knife.

His bone was cut, rotated and fixed back into place.

The eight-time world champion has documented his recovery ever since. Early pictures showed his arm in a sling with a horrifying scar.

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He was later able to rehab his healthy left arm, but this week has stepped up his recovery by exercising the damaged arm.

There is hope at Repsol Honda, and in the MotoGP paddock, that he could be back on a bike at the Misano tests in September.

He has previously said about his rehab: “My current feeling is one of hope. Because of the way I was riding and competing, I didn’t see myself as being on the bike for much longer - maybe another year or two. 

“After the intervention in Rochester, the hope is there that I can continue competing without pain and have fun on the bike.

“Sometimes I stop to think about motivation and in my case, the only conclusion I reach is that mine comes from passion and enthusiasm. 

“It remains the same as it has been for more than ten years. It also pushes me to think about the goal, which is to have fun and compete at a good level, without suffering or having pain.”