Once MotoGP confirms the expected news that it will have sprint races next season, then it will follow in the footsteps of F1 who introduced their own format in 2021.

But unlike F1 which has just three sprint weekends per season, MotoGP is expected to have significantly more than that.

"It would be a good challenge," said Zarco. "It’s very interesting, it’s always a good show and it would be nice for the public. It’s nice to watch in Superbike so why not in MotoGP. 

"But I think we will have to change our approach for the race. As an athlete that would be interesting to work."

Like in WorldSBK, MotoGP is expected to have half points awarded for its sprint races which would take place on Saturday afternoons, while also being half the laps of a standard Grand Prix. 

Asked if shorter races could make MotoGP more dangerous, Zarco refuted that idea by saying riders are ‘clever’ enough to deal with the possible change. 

"Normally we are clever riders - most of us [are]. We must be able to control it and maybe it can be hard for the newcomers," added the Pramac Ducati rider. 

"The experience for a sprint race will be important and an advantage for the riders who have been on the same bike and [that are] competitive."

Zarco also believes the points system should be closer to that of a full race than what will likely be the final decision: "I think it should be almost the same points as a long race because it’s the same intensity but just shorter. 

"The long race is almost not a strategy. Maybe we will have double points at the end of the season. Me… I will give the same focus." 

Miller a ‘massive fan’ of potential MotoGP sprint races

As WorldSBK fans can attest to, the Superpole race is usually packed with action. And given how close MotoGP is at this current juncture, there’s no reason to suggest the racing wouldn’t be just as good. 

"Massive fan of it [the idea],” added Miller. "It’s another chance for a bonus! 

"But no, why not try it. They’ve tried everything else so why not try to switch it up. I think a sprint race would throw a good element into it where it’s all or nothing. 

"Half points makes you want to risk more I guess and you don’t have to worry about tyres, about fuel or anything like that. 

"Also physical condition because a lot of these [normal] races you can’t push to your absolute max the whole time. But for half race distance you can kind of hold your breath and get it done. 

"I think why not give it a crack. I think it will be an amazing addition and would be something the fans love to see."