Crutchlow, who is replacing the retired Andrea Dovizioso for Yamaha for the final six races of the 2022 season, finished 15th in Motegi.

He remarkably explained: “I got to the starting grid and had some alarm out of the last corner that the front tyre wasn’t in the right range. So I panicked!

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“It’s so close from the last corner to the starting grid that I didn’t press the f****** devices!

“I had no devices on, no launch control, no nothing!

“I had a terrible start compared to what I should have. I actually had a good start without the devices.

“But I lost places and I was already at the back. It took me a long time to pass the other guys. But when I did? I was as fast as Jack Miller.

“My problem was that I had to come from so far back. What happens is - it takes you three laps to pass on a Yamaha. Then the next rider? Three laps to pass them.

“Everybody you pass is faster than the one you passed before.

“If I hadn’t have f****** with no devices, I would’ve been [in the top eight or nine].

“I got away with people who were slower than me, that was my problem.

“I’m not doing those massive divebombs.”

Crutchlow also revealed: “The other situation I had? I wasn’t allowed to use the 355 disc. And I’m one of the hardest brakers in MotoGP. It was Yamaha’s choice.

“I went to the grid with a brand new set of 340 discs which has never been done in the whole history of MotoGP.

“Normally you bed them in on Friday. I bedded them in on the warm-up lap.”

The Thailand MotoGP is September 30-October 2.