The race was delayed due to a downpour and standing water before, eventually, Miguel Oliveira was victorious in treacherous conditions.

Crutchlow finished 19th then said: “The start of the race was so dangerous. We couldn’t see anything.

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“So I rode the first two laps slow because I care.

“I was not happy at the start of the race because it was very, very dangerous.

“People say: ‘You are complaining!’ You try seeing through a visor in that water.

“To me, it was way over the limit for racing. But I don’t even race anymore so you won’t listen to me!

“The guys at the front? It’s different because they don’t have 15 or 16 guys in front.

“I spun off the start.

“Nobody could see. People were shutting their throttles in fifth gear on the straight. People hit the back of each other. It was just ridiculous.

“When the race split up it was okay but, still, nobody could see.”

Rins finished 12th and agreed: “The feeling was bad. The conditions were tricky. Mostly the first 10 or 12 laps.

“I couldn’t see anything. It was over the limit.”

"It wasn't Yamaha's day"

Crutchlow saw teammate Fabio Quartararo finish 18th and lose ground in the title race. He now leads Francesco Bagnaia by just two points.

“The bike in the rain exaggerates the problems we have in the dry,” Crutchlow said.

“Not a good race. I expected a lot more. It wasn’t Yamaha’s day. We couldn’t go round the corners, too much heat and pressure in the front tyre.

“Fabio couldn’t turn his bike, couldn’t lean over, the front wheel was not following in the corner. I had the same feeling.

“I pushed with the rear a lot and ripped the centre out of it.”