Marquez, who crashed out of the MotoGP season-finale in Valencia whilst battling for the podium, tested renewable fuel that’s been made from waste as its raw material.

Manufactured by Repsol, the one-day test which consisted of Marquez completing a total of 12 laps, was to test out the level of performance it offers, which is intended to be the same as standard fuel used by MotoGP machines today. 

Renewable fuel will be coming into MotoGP by 2027 as it aims to reduce CO2 emissions. 

Speaking after the test, Marquez alluded to feeling no difference between standard fuel and the biofuel used.

"It has been a positive test, since I felt good and I didn't notice a difference when using the biofuel, which in the end is the objective: To maintain a high level of performance," added Marquez. 

"When Repsol brings a product to the circuit, it has already been well tested, but it is always important to test it on track, to check that the results don't change due to things such as humidity or temperature, which are variables that can affect you when looking for maximum performance. 

"We exchange information, so that what is tested in the testing centre corresponds to what happens on the track.

"As a rider you look at the response from the engine. You want it to increase revs cleanly, that the feel when you first touch the gas is smooth, and that depends on combustion, which can be too aggressive sometimes. 

"In this case it was smooth. You also notice that the engine feels fine under high revolutions, which is when you reach maximum performance."