Lorenzo and Rossi were teammates at Yamaha but their spiky competitiveness was summed up by a controversial wall in their pit garage - designed to keep data separated but a symbol of their rivalry.

They won a combined 10 championships in the premier class and fought memorable battles despite representing the same team.

Valentino Rossi vs Marc Marquez - The Rivalry | MotoGP

“My relationship with Rossi has improved a lot,” Lorenzo told DAZN. 

“Before we were two roosters in the same cage. When he left for Ducati the relationship was better, when he came back to Yamaha it was bad again. 

“Over the years he got better and he even invited me to the ranch, so now it's different.”

Lorenzo, now 35, and Rossi, 43, have both left MotoGP behind and now race on four wheels - throwing up the possibility that their rivalry could be renewed.

“Right now we compete in different championships,” Lorenzo said. 

“He is progressing very quickly. It would be a dream. Everything is possible in life.”

The type of hostility that existed between them even spread to Rossi and Marc Marquez - the Italian accused the Spaniard of intentionally aiding Lorenzo’s successful 2015 title bid.

But today’s championship-chasing riders - 2022 champion Francesco Bagnaia and 2021 champion Fabio Quartararo - battle with a more respectful demeanour. 

Lorenzo said: “Gradually, dominant riders with a very marked personality got to retire. Obviously, Valentino Rossi is one of them, but the others weren't too far away either. 

“People have to get used to these new riders. Fabio Quartararo and Pecco Bagnaia don't have as strong a personality as we did a few years ago.”