Bezzecchi: In Turn 7 I was really, really close. I tried at the last corner. But you covered it and I braked so late.

Binder: I heard the motorbike coming and I said ‘f***!’

Bezzecchi: I made a great overtake on Franco Morbidelli.

Marini: Really?

Bezzecchi: Yeah, at the last turn.

Marini: Franco is in great form.

Bezzecchi: He was angry.

Marini: It’s nice when he’s on form like today.

Bezzecchi: Really angry…

Marini: Yamaha was as fast on the straights as me. Impossible to overtake.

Hero to Zero for Marc Marquez | Crash MotoGP Podcast Ep82

Marini: What a drag, now I can’t use these leathers again, they smell!

Bezzecchi: A nice smell!

Marini: When you’re on the podium and you smell this, it’s a nice smell!

Bezzecchi: First corner I forgot to brake and I nearly hit Aleix Espargaro. I went wide.

Marini: This race is tough, if you’re not in the top three…

Bezzecchi: I started fast. Franco passed me…

Marini: I saw you made contact.

Bezzecchi: No, it wasn’t me.

Marini: When the bike is heavy with all the wings, it’s very difficult to move it.

Bezzecchi: When I overtook you, everyone was managing. I entered very fast, faster than you, I arrived by your side. I opened the throttle smoothly and had grip.

Binder: F***, my start was ridiculous. I started 15th and, first corner, I was P5 more or less.