Binder, Bezzecchi, Marini’s private chat revealed: “When I overtook you…”

Brad Binder, Marco Bezzecchi and Luca Marini, the podium trio for the Argentina MotoGP sprint race, broke down their performances afterwards…
Brad Binder, KTM MotoGP Argentina 2023
Brad Binder, KTM MotoGP Argentina 2023

Bezzecchi: In Turn 7 I was really, really close. I tried at the last corner. But you covered it and I braked so late.

Binder: I heard the motorbike coming and I said ‘f***!’

Bezzecchi: I made a great overtake on Franco Morbidelli.

Marini: Really?

Bezzecchi: Yeah, at the last turn.

Marini: Franco is in great form.

Bezzecchi: He was angry.

Marini: It’s nice when he’s on form like today.

Bezzecchi: Really angry…

Marini: Yamaha was as fast on the straights as me. Impossible to overtake.

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Marini: What a drag, now I can’t use these leathers again, they smell!

Bezzecchi: A nice smell!

Marini: When you’re on the podium and you smell this, it’s a nice smell!

Bezzecchi: First corner I forgot to brake and I nearly hit Aleix Espargaro. I went wide.

Marini: This race is tough, if you’re not in the top three…

Bezzecchi: I started fast. Franco passed me…

Marini: I saw you made contact.

Bezzecchi: No, it wasn’t me.

Marini: When the bike is heavy with all the wings, it’s very difficult to move it.

Bezzecchi: When I overtook you, everyone was managing. I entered very fast, faster than you, I arrived by your side. I opened the throttle smoothly and had grip.

Binder: F***, my start was ridiculous. I started 15th and, first corner, I was P5 more or less.

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